Welcome to Cannon Minecraft!
- Welcome
You can Join our server and become whitelisted by emailing zubski at laxdude48@gmail.com.  Once you have been whitelisted you can join the server with the ip ---


NO GREIFING - do not steal or destroy the houses of other players near you.

SPACE - keep your space from other players homes so they have plenty of room to continue to build.

Sever Status

Every day you can find the server status here.

RP Stuff!

On cannoncraft you will be able to take sides as either a cultist or the rebellion.  Everyone is in the legion by default which is a faction who is just trying to defend their world.  The rebellion doesn't care for the legion but when it comes to cultists their common hate for them allows them to team up and fight cultists during invasions.  In invasions we use a variety of plugins to allow the darklord-the leader of the cultists- to attack various parts of the world.  Invasions are indicated by lighting without rain and if you see/hear it simply head towards it.  But do not go alone! And you will be able to find lots of supplies for invasions from frost heim the castle of the legion.  A portal can be found in spawn that will take you there.  If you are interested in joining the cultists you should contact yubski.  He can be reached at janelson16@gmail.com or if you would like to join the rebellion you can contact zubski at laxdude48@gmail.com.  And if you are just not interested then you can remain in the legion by default.  But be warned, the cultists are a secret group as any one could be a cultist so be careful when making friends because you never know who they really are.....
News And Updates!

We are currently running on the newest version of minecraft but are dealing with some issues on plugins.  We hope to have the minecart plugin back up and running to allow you to create minecart tracks without needing powered rails.  In the mean time you can take the Wind Rider from spawn to a major location or contact an admin about acquiring your own Wind Rider station.
If you join before April Recieve a free elite enchant tools kit!! Contact an Admin to receive yours today!

Talk In Our Ventrilo Server!

You can download ventrilo here.

Server ip ----
port number --- 9264

Invite Your Friends And Get Rewards!

For every friend you request to be whitelisted, you will receive a variety of enchanted tools.  For the first friend you will receive a pick, shovel, and axe.  For the second friend you will receive your choice of the tools pack, or one highly enchanted bow or sword.  Upon the third friend,  the option of highly enchanted armor comes into play.  The rewards keep getting better and better so never stop recruiting!!

Check out the dynamic map!